May 5, 2010 at 2:26 am (Uncategorized)

What the hell happened to me for the last year? I just up and quit blogging? That’s lame. Let’s see if I can do it for real this time… (I can’t but, hey, minimal effort is better than no effort, people!)


Of course, everyone knows Army guy was a complete loser. Im sure it was no surprise to any of you. For some reason it was a huge shock to me? Whatever. I’ve dated a couple other douchebags since him, but we aren’t gonna talk about THAT.

Breakdance is still breakdancing, but slowpoke is no longer slow. In fact, he isnt all that mellow like his big brother is. You people weren’t kidding when you said my second would pay me back for having an easy first, eh?

I still have an animal under my bathtub. We’ve tried covering the hole on the OUTSIDE of the house to keep it out, but it still gets in? Anyway, I ‘fixed’ the paneling so it doesn’t fall off at least. (by ‘fixed’ I mean put some HEAVY DUTY velcro on the inside of the tub. Inside. You cant see it. I’M NOT THAT GHETTO, PEOPLE.) But that bitch still watches me bathe, I just know it.

I never did wax myself. Or magic cream, for that matter. I guess I just feel safer with my handy dandy razor? I don’t know, folks. Someone needs to toughen me up.

My car is dying a slow, painful death. The slower the better because, well, I need my car. I hate my school. Annnd I got my lip pierced.

Other than that nothing has changed because I am just that boring.

Oh, wait, before I go… two more things. ONE: Featherbutt just said she liked me over on the board. I know someone saw that. I think that means I’m better than 90% of you or something. TWO: April is a loser.

SO good to be back.


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