Introducing the family.

January 16, 2009 at 10:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I figured I should let you all know about us, so when I speak about people you arent confused. (Im confused a lot, and it sucks…I dont want to do that to you!)

First, theres me. I’m Shrek, Shrekie, AddictedToShrek depending on which site you’re on. (NBBC, OBBC, CBBC)…There is nothing interesting to say about me, really. However, if you are ever in San Diego, driving down the freeway and see a girl that looks about 14 (Im not 14, I just look it) singing her heart out to the radio, not paying a damn bit of attention to the world…its probably me. I would tell you to wave, but instead, (since I love you) I’ll tell you you should just switch lanes immediately. Im a terrible driver, and I dont recommend getting too close.

Next theres Breakdance. Breakdance is the attention whore of the family. I call him Breakdance because…he breakdances. All the time. In the middle of dinner, in the middle of parking lots, stores…he’s even been known to stop his entire preschool and get them all to circle around him to watch him while he ‘teaches’ them some new moves. (I dont know WHERE this child came from, I hate to dance). He keeps me on my toes with the random things he says (like the other day when he said ‘mom you REALLY need to find a husband.’ because we were discussing the rat in the bathroom and me not wanting to go in there) or when he tells me that he has dumped his old ‘girlfriend’ and gotten himself a new one because the new one kisses him more often. Did I mention hes only 3? Im in for it.

Then there is Slowpoke. Slowpoke is absolutely gorgeous. He is 16 months, pale skin, piercing blue eyes, white blonde curly hair, delicate features…you could just kiss his sweet little face all day. But I dont recommend it, because hes mean. He will probably claw your eyes out. (actually thats a lie…he really only does that to me, but if he wont let me kiss him, then nobody can kiss him). I call him Slowpoke because the child still wont walk. Yes, 16 months and still not walking. He CAN walk, he just wont. In his defense, Breakdance didnt walk till 17 months, and I didnt until 16 months, so it kind of runs in the family. I cant help it. We’re lazy.

The only pets we have are turtles. We started with two- Frost and Flash. And then we ‘fostered’ my mothers two for the weekend while she got her aquarium figured out…That was in July. I refuse to name the other two because I do NOT want four turtles.

Lastly, the boyfriend. He is the newest addition to the fam. If you dont know the backstory- here is the quick version. I knew him in high school (barely)…he went off and partied and joined the army, I went off and had two kids and became a soccer mom. He has been in Iraq for 15 months…a few months ago we were both on chat one day and just happened to start talking and havent stopped since. I was NOT looking for a man. I didnt want a man…I still dont want a man. But I find myself falling in love with this guy a little more everyday and its just…strange to say the least. I’ll see him for the first time (in 5 years) next month, and I’ll probably shit my pants from nerves. I dont know HOW people meet and fall in love online…this would not have been my first choice (had I actually been LOOKING for somebody, of course). I make no guarantees on this guy, I tend to attract weirdos, so we will just wait and see. 😉

There’s a quick rundown for you. (Even though this SEEMS like a long post, I swear I completely struggled to summarize about all of us).

*Sneak peak for the next post*- I am going to try waxing myself tonight (for some freakish reason waxing scares me less than magic cream) I will report back with the results…and possibly a warning to never try it for yourself.


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  1. squiglets said,

    The whole online dating thing is a mystery to me, as well, but I hear it works. So long as both parties act like themselves online. Too often people take the opportunity to put on a new personality, so to speak, because they are behind a computer screen.

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